Our Newest Client – A Tree Surgeon Contractor in Glasgow

I’m happy to announce our newest client in Glasgow Scotland, Arborist Direct Glasgow.

Arborist Direct Glasgow (Here is their Glasgow Website) is one of the first companies starting a franchise business in the tree services industry in the UK. Currently the mother company operates in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh and is looking to take on partners to cover other areas throughout Scotland. The challenge for the company and its directors has been growing from a one city company with a large crew and fleet of trucks, vans and machinery  to a company capable of providing the same high quality service they have built their reputation in many different geographical areas with different partners and subcontractors. The primary aim is to keep the quality work for all of their jobs and with all of their clients.

This meant that they have  invested in customer relationship management software and trained up staff in the Glasgow office whose role is to manage each of the departments and subcontractors. But the processes they had put in place were much more time consuming than planned and the managers and administration staff were highly worked to keep up. Luckily, very early in the adoption process High Performance Solutions was brought on-board to smooth the transition. We have started by overseeing the management and feedback processes in the organisation and now that these are all tied down we have started to roll out phase 2 streamlining to automate a lot of repetitive processes that were taking up lots of time. This is being combined with clearly defining roles for all levels of management and making sure that these rolls tally with the CRM system.

There are many unique management challenges when dealing with so many safety and hazard critical jobs and work spaces. Most of the machinery used has risk involved with its use. From the wood chipping machines through to the portable lifting units and not to mention skilled men with chainsaws climbing high into tree canopies. Then the cut tree limbs and trees need to be  safely lowered to the ground and removed from site. So, on top of all of the normal manpower management safety and quality control need to be brought into the mix. My background in oilfield management is great experience for this with many industries having taken on safety and hazard management practices first developed in the offshore oil industry due to the high potential for risk to personnel, expensive infrastructure and huge losses that can be incurred due to the downtime of production activities.

Now, whether it is a small one man one day tree pruning job in Glasgow or whether it is a large job including tree pruning, felling and stump removal all the way through to site clearance with multiple staff and machinery on site all gets managed in the same way with the same processes; from providing quotes through to leaving the site clean and safe and receiving payments. We are Proud to say that with Arborist Direct we are working with one of the best tree surgeons in Glasgow and Scotland.


Industry Specialisms Household Service Industry and Engineering

Following experience building motivated and highly profitable management teams in a national tree care company in the UK and also with a multinational engineering contractor (Technip FMC) in the offshore oilfield industry I have a wealth of experience and industry insight into organising household service industry business and large heavy engineering project management.
These are two very distinct industry types with a wide variation in possible management structures but both have some distinct requirements which drive the basic structure of the business management and operations.

Household Service Industry Management
Household service industries, once they grow beyond the small business with no office requirement, usually have to deal with and manage two distinct workflows. One is office based and the other is on the road with a team of professionals supplying the company services to clients. The other, office based workflow, is predominantly involved in marketing and customer service. These two departments can obviously grow many other roles as the size of a company increases. The service delivery department starts requiring tool inventory management and vehicle repair and maintenance. The office based department usually assumes the workflow management for the service delivery department and eventually also a human resources role.

Management staff must learn a wide variety of skills as the company grows especially in the early days of the company growth and rolls change and grow rapidly.

Heavy Engineering

In large heavy engineering companies there are many different layers of management. These range from board level strategic planning for the company down to project management, project support department management down to basic office management and document management as well as the heavy involvement or human resources to ensure minimal workflow disruption from the inevitable workforce turnover.

These companies, large or small, usually have one repeating theme in their management structures  which is: the project management team. The project team will usually comprise of mostly engineers at various levels of experience and seniority with some taking on purely managerial roles. Non engineering staff will usually be office administration staff.

Modern Engineering Management History

Since the 1980s engineering project management has changed significantly with certain industry sectors being the greatest drives for change. One of the largest modern engineering industry sectors is undoubtedly the upstream oil and gas industry. With the availability of much higher revenues than public sector driven engineering such as civil engineering, the oil and gas industry has transformed modern engineering and engineering management.

Changes and innovations which took place in the oil and gas industry were driven mainly by two key drives; namely firstly profitability and cost efficiencies driven by the industry’s cyclic profitability driven in turn by oil prices and secondly  health and safety, which following disasters such as the Piper Alpha disaster became one of the most expensive potential hazards to any industry worldwide. (Expensive both in monetary value and also in human life in a dangerous industry)

Following a former career as an engineer I have worked in project management and since then grown as a management consultant in both the oil industry, real estate development, mining and security as well as UK service based industries.

I live breath and love management and the great benefits that good management can bring to companies and essentially the quality of work and life that everyone in the company can gain. A larger or growing business dosn’t have to bring stress and headaches. When preparation for growth is carried out then management takes on a different essence al together and becomes true management rather than firefighting and daily organization.

Please get in touch if you are interested in a strategy session to see how I can help you with your business.



And we’re off!!! Vamanos!

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When  we have covered the above we can discuss the time you would like to dedicate and I will outline a budget with you. I will then go away and design a course outline to agree with you. Once agreed an initial 20% fee will be payable for me to then plan and design the course in full deliverable detail. WE set a course date and we’re off!


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We can also provide consulting programs on a one to one basis especially popular in leadership and management for managers in high performance positions but equally useful for a small new start business looking for quick performance and early growth. . All courses are personally designed and copyrighted. References are available on request and we have a large number of happy clients both past and ongoing who would be happy to talk with you about our services.

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